deployment of a customised product.

The Charging Place has been contacted to participate at a consultation led by the RATP at the end of 2017. The establishment of the mobile application in the intern part consists in a dematerialization of the activity sheet so that missions and inputs may be done in a digital way through smartphones and tablets. As part of this establishment, the use of these devices by the agents, would have been obviously more intensive. In all logic, the need of battery reloading would have been growing too. In order to answer the RATP's request, we had to fill an accurate specification : a terminal with 12 lockers closed by passwords, with a small footprint. It was supposed to allow the rechargement of the tablets and the smartphones of the market thanks to cables of rechargement but including also a 220V plug if needed. At the time of the consultation none of our products corresponded to the request made by the RATP. For this reason we have had to create a modelling of a brand-new product, and this, in less than a month and then had to realize the production of these machines in 6 weeks as soon as we received the order form. This product is now a whole part of our line and has already convinced numerous clients such as the Orange Velodrome of Marseilles, Belgian theme parks, hospitals, lecture centers...

"When we had been needing recharging machines for mobile phones, we have been a little lost. This type of equipment had never had been ordered by the RATP. As soon as the research for the competitive tandering had been launched, The Charging Place positioned itself as the most able to answer our needs and to accompany us. They made their products evolve in order to propose us a prototupe which was exactly what we were looking for. This is the reason why they win our call for tender. The following had been conducted the same way. The manufacturing delays had been well held, as the deliveries. Our terminals work perfectly, and this for three months. I unreservedly would adwise any company to work with The Charging Place."

Pierre ROBERT, logistic manager - RATP