Classic Media

This 5-box charging station is a real communication space thanks to its 27'' touchscreen

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Classic Media

As a true communication space, Classic Media offers a 27'' touchscreen where it is possible to broadcast remotely via a platform or locally via a USB port,
interactive content (maps, flight information, advertisements...).

In addition, 5 charging lockers and 4 USB ports on the side panel allow the charging of all smartphones and tablets available on the market. It also allows the charging of small electronic devices (MP3 players, game consoles, etc.) and, if the option is chosen, small laptops thanks to the universal plug that would be found in each locker.

All our cables (Lightning / Micro-USB / USB-C) which are very robust are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The charging intensity is controlled and
adapted according to the charging device.

The opening and securing of the lockers is done via a 4-digit keypad. It is a simple & intuitive solution to which the users are already accustomed (less than 20 seconds to charge your smartphone).

In case you forget, a master code allows the unlocking of the locker.

Thanks to the integrated camera and optional facial detection software, it is possible to report several data concerning users and the viewing audience: attention time, gender, age.

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Focus Digicode

Our 4-digit digicode system is the elock + model of the Ronis brand.

Thanks to a color system around the lock, it is possible to see at a glance whether the locker is open or closed.

It has the most important autonomy and endurance offered for digicodes with a similar size.
Its 9V battery included allows for 50,000 cycles/uses.

If power failure occurs, the lockers remain securely closed because the locks are autonomous. The user can therefore recover his device at any time.


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