Touch 6

Recharge your mobile phone thanks to your fingerprint

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Touch 6

This charging station is made up of 6 secure lockers that open and close with the user's fingerprint, and his finger is the key to the locker.

This intuitive process of use is very simple. It takes less than 20 seconds to put your phone to charge. It is the simplest concept on the market today.

This solution allows 2 alternatives: paid or free recharging.

In addition, a 15 inches screen is located at eye level, on the upper part of the charging station. From there can be broadcasted any type of video content.

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Use of the fingerprint

The fingerprint of the user is kept only during the charging period. As soon as the user scans his finger to recover the phone, the fingerprint is immediately removed from the memory of the device.

In addition, the fingerprint is only associated with a locker number and not with an identity.

If power failure occurs, the lockers remain securely closed and the fingerprints are stored in the memory until the devices are recovered.


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