In 2018, The Charging Place has been contacted by the Happ-technologies company, which proposes an innovative system of viewers measurement through a facial recognition module. At the Charging Place, we love innovation and progress. The idea of pairing the charging solution to a totem of media content delivery, which is equipped with an Happ-technologies module, appeared for us as an interesting challenge to make ends meet.

The Happ-technologies solution allow an analysis in a qualitative way and to now in real time and/or on a given period :

  • The attention of the viewers (face angle) and its length.
  • The gender of the audience.
  • The age of the audience.
  • The period of low and high audience.
  • The interst of the audience for a diffused contents.

It allows to know the specifities of the interested public for the contents, public which is itself attracted by the proposed service.

For this reason, we created a connected furniture, which allies a requested service and a qualitative communication support in partnership with Happ-technologies. It is about our product Classic Media

The applications ?

Numerous and varied. We can imagine these terminals at the entrance of a chain of mass distribution stores, where the brands diffuse spots in order to spotlight promotions on a general public event. The terminals would be entirely dressed in the colours of a beverage brand for a new flavour launch for example...

A launchpad available (following excerpts) allows analysis of all the datas given by th Classic Media terminal and allow us to export them under the excel format. Thanks to this launchpad, the terminal can diffuse on its 27" screen some playlists of personalized content depending on the audience during the viewing (this playlist is mostly seen by a female audience, playlist created for a teenager public too, etc...) in order to always target more precisely and in a real time.

Exemple de personnalisation